Appajak is a regular 2006scape forumer, posting daily. Appajak's name comes from the popular television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where one of the mane characters, Applejack, makes the "appajak" face.

He joined 2006scape on October 11th, 2012


and currently has the player I.D. of 306909.

Appajak was born on June 3rd, 1997 and is currently 15 years of age.

He currently lives in South Florida where most of his 2006scape posting gets done.

Appajak is a 2006scape donator.

He currently owns the 2006scape names:

  1. Appajak
  2. King Sombra
  3. Flutterbean

He usually only posts on his main account (appajak)

Appajak has accumulated over 1,400 posts in the 2006scape fourms and is known for creating the official My Little Pony Discussion Thread

Appajak's most popular thread, the my little pony official discussion thread

The My Little Pony Discussion Thread has about 900 posts and was created on november 8th, 2012

It's not too hard to guess from his name, but Appajak is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

When asked why he likes a children's show, he responded: "I don't think it's a childrens show, theres so many jokes, situations and references that only older people would understand and find funny. Also the characters are just so adorable with amazing animation as well as flawless voice acting"

Hateful and hurtful comments posted to the mlp discussion thread are quickly moderated and often result in a mute.


Appajak used to play Runescape before the Evolution of Combat was released. Appajak started playing runescape in june of 2005 at the age of 8. Appajak's current runescape name is PLnkie PLe

He had 99 strength 99 attack 99 hitpoints 99 prayer 99 cooking 99 firemaking 90 herblore and 95 defence.

Appajak currently has a net worth of 734,000,000 GP despite no longer playing.
Plnkie ple

Appajak's current runescape fourm avatar

He is currently level 195 but doesn't continue to play anymore. in Appajak's runescape history he had the following accounts of names

  1. Spacecupie
  2. Spacecupie1
  3. qweasdzxc979
  4. helper632
  5. flashback39
  6. rakajan
  7. iav
  8. poobucket
  9. Plnkie Ple


When asked about his views on alpha he responded "I really hope alpha is released soon. I'm extremely excited for it, however I think they're working way too hard on it. There's a reason it's in its alpha stage, not beta or final stage, i think it's supposed to be buggy so that players can report them and the wonderful staff can fix it along the way. it dosen't need to be perfect."

Untill alpha is released, appajak will continue to post in the 2006scape fourms.

Personal lifeEdit

Appajak was born on June 3rd, 1997 and is currently 15 years of age.

he lives in south florida with his sister, mother and father.

Appajak has a pet rabbit and rat.

My Little PonyEdit

Appajak's current favorite pony list is:

  1. Fluttershy
  2. Rainbow Dash
  3. Applejack
  4. Pinkie Pie
  5. Twilight Sparkle
  6. Rarity

Appajak's favorite episode is Magic Duel (S3Ep5)

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