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Caribbean's appearance on the 2006scape forums

Caribbean is an active and enthusiastic member of 2006scape on both the forums and the 2006scape Wiki. Caribbean joined 2006scape on the tenth of April in 2012 and has closely followed the project ever since. 

The first account Caribbean ever made on 2006scape was actually named "Islands" which then was discarded in favor of "Caribbean" following the same theme.

Caribbean does not actually live in the Caribbean area, instead he lives on the east coast of the United States of America. The name "Caribbean" was inspired by his love of tropical oceans which are his favorite travel destination though the idea came to him while watching the movies Pirates of the Caribbean.

Caribbean played often in the Pre-Alpha stage of 2006scape where he met co-founded the 2006scape Guardians clan.

Caribbean began to participate on the 2006scape forums under the name of "Puppeteer", mostly in the games section, but decided on Caribbean as his main account. Now Caribbean is an active member of the forums in all sections with several thousand posts and works on creating and editing pages on the 2006scape Wiki! He is very excited for 2006scape's completion and will remain an active member for its entire duration!


Caribbean's first forum account "Puppeteer"

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