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Evil Magic (also known as Aureolus) started on 2006Scape on December 2011, but has been inactive for all of Spring/Summer 2012. Evil Magic's account known as Aureolus was locked due to when the hacking of the 2006Scape forums, and has created Evil Magic on 12/10/12. Evil Magic's current contribution to the 2006Scape community would be creating the Ultimate Magic Guide and posting any minor notices regarding 2006Scape. Evil Magic enjoys Rock music such as Skillet, Three Days Grace, Black Keys, Breaking Benjamin, The offspring, and other. Evil Magic enjoys meeting and getting to know other players, as well as RS humor. Evil Magic created his name based off in 2007, when he always used Magic in Castle Wars, he used to entangle/curse players, and one of them on the versus team called him evil, and that's how Evil Magic's name was created on 2006Scape!

Evil Magic's Runescape journeyEdit

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  • RS Humor
  • RS Humor

Evil Magic's RS account usernames through 2006-2008 were "Vladimir975" & "Leon House", whereas his real name is Dan, this was due to both of those accounts being given to him by his friend. Evil Magic has a passion for training Magic and Runecrafting, whereas he enjoys PKing with range and magic gear. The only famous Runescape players Evil Magic has encountered were Bk2lumby4you who was a famous pker.

Evil Magic's 2006Scape journeyEdit

Evil Magic is a full supporter of 2006Scape, and has done a little bit of contribution by advertising 2006Scape on Reddit and YT videos. Evil Magic is looking to soon donate for 2006Scape when the Alpha will hopefully be announced to be released. You can find Evil Magic usually in the Guides/General/Suggestions/Questions section. Evil Magic is hoping to soon create his own YT channel and film his day to day gameplay when the Alpha will be released, and as well he is aiming to be one of the first people to achieve 99 Magic.