Lugia is a player on 2006scape, and is on the forums. He usually posts in the General section, although rarely posts nowadays.


Lugia joined the 2006scape website, then called rs2006, in either late September or early October of 2011. His username was "Goomba" on the old forums. When the new forums came in November of 2011, he decided to make his new username "Lugia", inspired by his rival Rayquaza's username.

As the months passed, Lugia slowly became more and more known by the members of the community. He isn't considerably popular, but most people would say that they've at least seen him post a few times.

Lugia participated in the Pre-Alpha testing stage, after winning a donator contest hosted by Tradechat. Initially, he focused mainly on bug-catching, but as the time passed he became more relaxed and spent more time just having fun. His account was a main account, and he plans on using Lugia as a main account throughout the rest of 2006scape. He gained minor recognition as being one of the only, if not only person, in the Pre-Alpha testing stage to have a Pirate Hat, one of his favorite hats.

During Spawn Week, he reset his defence level and became a F2p 1 Defence pure fighter, although was at a small downgrade due to having a lower strength (and higher attack) compared to the other F2pers.


Lugia tends to post random yet relevant topics. His posts are usually moved, but he strictly abides by the General Misuse rule and all of his thread moves are merely just accidents. He has posted several poll threads as well as stories. Lugia posted the first popular thread on the Story forum, as well as one of the threads on the first page of the General section before the 50 page monster. 

Some of his threads have negative responses, but for opinion-related reasons.

Lugia usually uses the sunglasses face on his posts.