Mikemyers31 gets 200m Cooking experience.

Mikemyers31 is a 2006scape player who achieved a high rank on the overall hiscores and was also the only 2006scape player to achieve a 200M experience skill.

When the hiscores froze, Mikemyers31's rank was 23, with resources to get top 15. At the end of Pre-Alpha, he said that he would've been top 10 - 5 had the hiscores not froze.

Mikemyers31 is one of a few top players to have had a long break from the game. After getting rank 16, he took a 1 month break and returned to the game at rank 52. It would take him a few weeks to regain his top page status.



Mikemyers31 achieved a total of 6 99s during the entirety of pre-alpha. In order of achievement, the 99s he got were:

Cooking, Woodcutting, Fishing, Prayer, fletching and firemaking.  To celebrate on the last day of Pre-alpha, Mikemyers31 achieved two 99s at the same time, fletching and firemaking.

Mikemyers31 is the only player on 2006scape to achieve a 200m skill. He obtained 200m Cooking experience (see picture) with his friend, Xsj (also one of the top pre-alpha players.

Alpha goalsEdit

Mikemyers31 plans to get top page overall for alpha and also plans to get as many 99s as possible. It is currently unknown what plan of action he has decided to take during the first days of alpha.


Mikemyers31's name comes originated from one of his favourite horror movies - Halloween. The numbers "31" in his name represent the 31st of October and "Mikemyers" represents the evil character,