Nations nominations on the player of the week thread


Nation's grade 8 grad, cuz he can't find any recent pictures

Nation is an active user on the 2006scape forums, and is liked by almost every one there. Nation has also received many  compliments in the Compliments section of the forums!

He is also one of the nicest and well liked forum moderators on 2006scape, he has continued to show this throughout his promotion.

Personal LifeEdit

Nation's name is Justin, and he lives in a small town in Ontario, Canada. He is currently 16-years old.

Outside of 2006scape, Nation plays hockey, soccer, Halo and attends school.

Forum HistoryEdit

Nation joined the forums in January 2012. He was never actually active on the forums until November 2012. To this day, he has made just over 3000 posts. On December 14th, 2012, Nation was promoted to the Forum Moderator position.


• Nation's 2006scape account is over 300 days old.

• Nation is a forum moderator.