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Trail is currently a global moderator on 2006Scape. He joined back in early April 2012 and started out being very active in the IRC. Upon creating his account, he found a skilling clan named "Skills For Thrills" which he quickly joined. On May 16 2012, he was given the voice rank in the IRC. On June 23 2012, Trail was made the second co-owner of the Skills For Thrills clan shortly after Thefty, the first co-owner, had to leave for the next 6 weeks after. On June 30 2012, Trail achieved being rank 1 in crafting on the highscores. On July 10 2012, Trail became a player moderator. On July 24 2012, he became a forum moderator. On July 24 2012 until late August 3 2012, Trail was the only global moderator.

On August 26 2012, Trail was once again the only global moderator after Trident's demotion.

On November 20 2012, Trail left the Skills For Thrills clan and joined the Chaotic Madness clan.

On December 2 2012, Trail left Chaotic Madness and is currently still clanless.

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