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Volkair's name displayed on the forums.

Volkair is a player who registered on the 2006scape website on february 10th 2012. He has accumulated over 5500 posts on the forums, and has made a thread that got stickied in the guides section of the forums. Volkair is also a donator to the 2006scape website.

Forum History.Edit

When volkair first joined the website he lurked the forums, specifically the item discussion section waiting for a new thread every day. untill about june, volkair had a miniscule amount of forum posts, he started to become very active in mid july. In late july volkair achieved over 150 posts per day for a 7 day period, getting over 1000 posts in a week. On november 27th 2012 volkair achieved his ultimate goal of 5000 total posts on the forums.

Volkair created his user name based off of his original Runescape username, witch was created using a combination of his first name and his last name.

Volkair's account is over 300 days old.

Personal life.Edit

Volkair is a male, he is 15 years old from alberta canada. Volkair spends most of his time playing hockey, doing school work, hanging with friends, and going onto the 2006scape forums.


  1. Volkair created a thread called Request a guide! in the threads section, witch was later pinned.
  2. Volkair also created the forumer bios thread, witch grew rapidly untill it was shutdown due to Rule 17.
  3. Other threads like Pepsie<(THIS IS SPELT WRONG) Vs Coke, and PS3 VS WII VS XBOX VS PC were first created by volkair.
  4. Volkair also had a member spotlight, from the member spotlight series created by I Are Noob.
  5. Volkair hosted an A & Q, A twist on all the Q & A threads happening at the time.

Volkair A&Q

Volkair A&Q

Volkairs A&Q video.