Zamoraks Avatar.

Zamorak is an Infamous member of the 2006scape community.

He Joined October 2011 under the username BBandos.

After the new forums came, he hoarded every God name (Except Guthix). The Names he currently has said to own:

  • Zamorak (Main/Donator)
  • Saradomin (Backup)
  • Bandos
  • Zaros
  • Armadyl
  • Justyn (His IRL Name)
  • Bob

During Pre Alpha, he was #4 in Mining, his most prominent Skill.

He was an Admin of the TBA Clan, But was demoted and eventually kicked for repetitive trolling.

Early 2012, Mod Ian gave away runescape accounts. Zamorak Got one, which Ian later recovered and stole from.

After Preaching of Ians dis-trustability, Ian IP-Banned him for under a week, After which his trolling subsided.

However he is still known for Starting Thread-Arguments.

He was once one of the most active players/Threadders, but says to visit less often.

He Has a Youtube, Mtvnoob.

He was once a Medium-Known RSMVer, but now makes Minecraft videos.

He can be found mostly in either General, Off topic, or Rants.